Barcelona Photoblog: Pure Classical Music at Park Guell, Barcelona, Spain

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Pure Classical Music at Park Guell, Barcelona, Spain

Double-bass player and a girl listening at Park Guell, Barcelona
Double-bass playing classical music and girl at Park Guell

A street musician playing for money at Park Guell in Barcelona.

The well tempered sound of the string instrument, a double bass I suppose, attracted a curious visitor who invaded the scene, something that I really, really appreciate. Classical music really touched the pure fibers of this baby cause she stood there like a grownup with a musical background.


  1. A charming photo which reinforces for me the naturalness of children. The reds in the photo also grab one's attention.

  2. Very interesting photo. I like this very much.

  3. I like it so much and and I love the kid !!!

  4. Anonymous12:53 PM

    The little one made the picture. Without her-- not as good.

    Abraham Lincoln
    How Flowers Disappear—

  5. Love this photograph. It says so much. the child is so absorbed in the music. the musician is absorbed in playing. Wonderful stuff!

  6. Anonymous8:23 PM

    Children just feel. My friend's child was scared by a didgeridoo in town, saying it sounded scary. Then she was bopping along to a flamenco guitarist.
    Love the uniform of the Double-Bass player...

    Planet Earth Daily Photo.

  7. Fabulous composition, Carlos! The child is fascinated but dares not approach closer. The cellist, concentrating on his music. may not even know she is there. His outfit looks a bit like a clown suit, which might also attract the child. Bravo.


    St. Louis Missouri Daily Photo Blog

  8. Thanks everyone. I like the composition over the quality of the picture too. I could only have the musician and the kid alone and more sharpness it would be more impressive. But that's what happens when you act on the spur of the moment.

  9. Really nicely spotted and composed! Big smiles for this one.


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