Thursday, July 12

Flower Patch Detail

Flower Patch Detail at Park Guell, Barcelona Spain [enlarge]

Today I didn't feel like showing any specific place in Barcelona and I've decided to brighten up your eyes a little bit. I got this beautiful flower patch at Park Guell but framing the whole triangle was too obvious so I finally chose one of the corners to trace a diagonal line in the picture. It's a pity there was that tree shadow but I suppose felling the tree was impossible now that green is a sacred word. I hope I don't disappoint people when Barcelona is not featured in my photoblog in one way or the other but my camera sometimes digresses just as her proud owner.

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Blogger Abraham Lincoln said...

I love your photograph and wish you had mentioned the name of the flowers. They look like straw flowers or miniature shasta daisies.

If you visited my blog yesterday and left a comment about our 52nd wedding anniversary, I wanted to say, "Thanks."

12:18 PM  
Blogger ArizonaDB said...

I love your city. I visited about 10 years ago and I specifically remember the beautiful beaches near by. The food is phenomenal too. I look forward to looking at all your archived images.


Flagstaff Daily Photo

9:40 PM  

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