Monday, March 24, 2008

La Pedrera or Casa Mila, Barcelona, Spain

La Pedrera or Casa Mila, Barcelona, Spain [enlarge]

As you know this is Casa Milá aka La Pedrera by Antoni Gaudi. I can't say much but I recommend you visit previous posts about the art nouveau building at Passeig de Gracia. I have tried different angles of the house but this one taken at sunset looked fine enough. Nevertheless I have polarized the façade and added some dramatic sky just out of pure boredom. I think it is a building that works when it comes to tweaking reality. Here are some other shots from my archives: Casa Mila, Door Ironwork, La Pedrera in BW and La Pedrera a Barcelona Landmark.


  1. Uma excelente visão de um obra monumental.

  2. Em sem duvida um excelente e bem conseguido edifício, gostei particularmente, quando o visitei, do telhado.

    Excelente foto.

  3. this is a lovely photo!

  4. i visited here 5 monthes ago,very nice place!