Barcelona Photoblog: Barcelona's National Theater of Catalonia

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Barcelona's National Theater of Catalonia

National Theater of Catalonia

The National Theatre of Catalonia opened in the city in 1996. The building resembling a Greek temple was designed by Ricardo Bofill, the famous Catalan architect who projected Barcelona Airport or will build the hotel Vela in the new mouth of the port. With a capacity of 894 seats, the main auditorium has a classical amphitheater shape. If you want to know more about theater in Catalonia you can read this excellent article.

Aerial View of Barcelona's National Theater of Catalonia (Google Earth Image)


  1. bella la foto del teatro, persnalmente mi piacciono le foto dei teatranti

  2. llastima que el sol no hagues estat de frente, les lletres vermelles haguesin resaltat i adquirit més protagonisme, però no deixa de ser una bona foto.

  3. Ola Carlos! How was your holiday? I just got back 2 days ago myself. And I come back to your picture of the Theatre greeeting me...perfect!

  4. Et felicito Carlos...Estàs fent un treball excelent donant a coneixer així la nostra estimada capital. Continua com fins ara!

  5. Gracias morgia i cèsar, estic molt agraït per la vostra visita
    hello edwin, long time no see, nice holidays? glad you're back. see you soon in your blog,thxs.


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