Barcelona Photoblog: The Textile and Clothing Museum of Barcelona

Monday, August 28, 2006

The Textile and Clothing Museum of Barcelona

Old Textile and Clothing Museum of Barcelona - Marquès de Llió Palace

Today I show you a picture of The Textile and Clothing Museum of Barcelona located at the old Marquès de Llió Palace bought by the City Council in 1955 and restored later to open as a museum in 1969. According to the museum's own definition The Textile and Clothing Museum is an institution charged with safeguarding the valuable heritage of material history formed by textiles, tapestries, embroideries, lace, liturgical ornaments, civil dress and accessories, and apparatus for the production of these objects, dating from the early centuries of our era to the present day". Very near Picasso Museum, but that's another story...

Update: The Textile and Clothing Museum is now here:

Address: Disseny Hub Barcelona, Plaça de les Glòries, 37-38 08018 Barcelona.

Transport: By Metro – Line1 Glòries (Àlaba street) | By Bus – Lines 7, 92, 192, H12 | By Tram – Trambesós T5, T6 – La Farinera | By Bicing – Bicing station, Av. Meridiana – Glòries subway


  1. Hi Carlos...really nice photos and your blog is very good... barcelona looks spectacular and diferent...Laura

  2. thanks laura welcome. You have great photos.
    thanks seesaw. I saw your picture today about that market in Sarajevo, I mean the stall with the fantastic metal jars and plates but there's no way i can open the comment window, it is my AV's fault, it doesn't like blogger much. I can't figure why it blocks some people's popup windows and with others it won't.

  3. Very nice photo. I like the contrast between old and new, and between the colours. I also liked the building very much, Barcelonais definetily a very interesting place or ... it's your set of lenses?


  4. Anonymous3:11 PM

    Wow. It looks like a giant spider :) Neat shot.


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