Barcelona Photoblog: Flower Digital Photography: Light Purple


Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Flower Digital Photography: Light Purple

Flower Digital Photography: Light Purple [enlarge]

Another assignment for flower enthusiasts: I came across these beautiful purple flowers at Park Guell gardens. Due to the long stem and leaves I suppose it is a bulb flower very common in public places but I must have missed that botany lesson so I need your help one more time. Last quiz answer was Lantanas. Thanks to those who gave me the correct name or enhanced the scarce information of the post.


  1. Hi. Think its an agapanthus

  2. Yeah, thank you very much Axx. I checked wikipedia and I think your right. I am learning some names now :).

  3. Anonymous2:00 PM

    It is an interesting flower and the colors are nice. I never saw one before today.

    Abraham Lincoln
    Brookville Daily Photo

  4. Beautiful shoot my friend.

    I love macros in flowers

  5. Yup, definitely agapanthus. Very beautiful shot.

  6. Benji C8:28 AM

    I appologize if you answer it later, but this is an African Lilly or Lilly of the Nile.


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