Barcelona Photoblog: The Clock Tower at Port Vell, Barcelona, Spain.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Clock Tower at Port Vell, Barcelona, Spain.

The Clock Tower at Port Vell, Barcelona, Spain [enlarge]

My second post about the clock tower (torre del rellotge or far del port) at the Moll dels Pescadors (Fishermen Pier), Barcelona (see Tower of the Clock) is somehow a new different approach since I preferred color and a different pespective this time. I offered a map to locate it then but I will mark the place on my new Google map with the picture so you play with the zoom in the surroundings too.


  1. Anonymous11:32 AM

    Carlos, just catching up with your blog, I hadn't visited for a while. Love the variety and qualité of your posts.

    Regarding the battery-raised hen you photographed a few days ago, this is precisely why I no longer buy standard eggs but only free-range eggs. I hate thinking of hens living is tiny cages like this. This is a very shocking picture. I'd be curious to know in what circumstances you visited this hen farm....

    I am posting a free bird today, come and have a look!

  2. I agree with Nathalie. The quality of your photos are incredible. For example this one for today is again a perfect composition! you have special eyes:)

  3. Thanks Nathalie for visiting me. Don't worry. I know. It happens to me too so I understand people. Work and family take time along the day so there's no need to mention it. I am pleased with your comment. I have a friend in the outskirts of the city and they have some land and animals.
    Thanks Zsolt for your words. They are inspirational.


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