Barcelona Photoblog: Holy Scene 2 at Pedralbes Monastery

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Holy Scene 2 at Pedralbes Monastery

Holy Scene at Pedralbes Monastery

This is my second holy scene taken inside the Pedralbes Monastery.

As you can see it is another miniature representation of a religious passage. The light was dim, but the set as I pointed out in the first holy scene, was spectacular.

I want to remind you and the bots that this blog is not about religion. I prefer to stick to photography which is much more fun as a hobby. Christmas is around the corner so I think this topic is more than suitable and besides, art manifests in many forms that enrich our knowledge in many ways.


  1. Beautiful works of art.

  2. Tell us about the shot Carlos, available light? Slow shutter? What about the white balance.

    I like the image but it appears rather warm, but it might have been that colour anyway.

    from South Shields Daily Photo

  3. Thanks Barbara
    Hi Curly, thanks. You can always examine the exif at flickr in the more properties section. There was no tripod so I don't remember going under 1/60 shutter speed, which is the lowest advisable considering my 18-70mm lens, before it starts to shake and gets too blurry. The light was almost orange, that is, warmer but darker. I used CS3 to make it look more yellow,like a flame, using levels but it was not too different. I then eliminated all the noise I could with noise ninja, trying not to affect the main subject which is highpassed slightly in the face and robe. This is just a quick explanation but thanks for asking (there was a glass in between, just in case you wanna know, so no flash)

  4. very beautiful! looks like they're real... btw thanks for linking my monkey post here :)


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