Barcelona Photoblog: Maremagnum Wooden Bridge: Rush Hours

Monday, November 12, 2007

Maremagnum Wooden Bridge: Rush Hours

Maremagnum Wooden Bridge: Rush Hours [enlarge]

The wooden bridge at Maremagnum was featured in this photo blog a long time ago (see Waiting for the Bridge at Rambla de Mar for all details about the bridge and the architects who designed it). As you can guess, the place being a neuralgic spot in the city is crammed with people during rush hours, which are basically all day long in the Port Vell area. As my picture is static and perhaps only creates a mood in your mind, why not stimulate your imagination a little more with a virtual tour around Port Vell at night via Arounder (a wonderful site by the way!) *VR not working in Firefox :(
To finish I would like to mention a modest article about bloggers I started to write at Blogskinny and which I intend to enhance with random thoughts about my blogging experiences during the last two years: Trial and Error Path to Top Ranking Positions: A Personal Testimony

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