Barcelona Photoblog: Rafols Hardware Store: Ironwork in Barcelona

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Rafols Hardware Store: Ironwork in Barcelona

Modernist Hardware Store Front Door in Barcelona [enlarge]

Ferreteria Rafols (hardware store) is located at Ronda de Sant Pere, 74. Its façade is catalogued as part of the urban and architectural elements in Barcelona, mainly due to the ironwork which dates back to 1919 and was made by Calixte Tresserras. Wrought iron was commonly used to adorn commercial buildings at the beginnings of last century. Maybe you would like to learn the words on the signs, left: Drugstore, Houseware and right: Nuts, Bolts and Screws; Tools, Lock Work.

Picture I liked today from the City Daily Photo group: Growing Back by Iblowfish from Cleveland Daily Photo, Ohio. I think it has good bw treatment, the title fits perfectly and the image is well composed and powerful.

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  1. The iron work as you photographed it looks like lace! Wonderful photo. Thanks for the links!I need to go back read carefully the information on blogs. Thanks!!

  2. Gostei sim senhor, como alias gosto de muita da arquitectura da cidade.

    espero que um dia destes publique aqui umas fotos das iluminações de natal em Barcelona.


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