Barcelona Photoblog: Barcelona Trees: Horse Chestnut or Conker Flowers

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Barcelona Trees: Horse Chestnut or Conker Flowers

Barcelona Trees: Horse Chestnut or Conker Flowers  [enlarge]

Aesculus hippocastanum or common horse chestnut can be seen in some parks of Barcelona so I thought you might like the image of its flowers. These I shot in Bellaterra in early spring. I suppose it must have yielded the characteristic spiny conkers by now. From the seeds of this tree a substance called saponin aescin is extracted and used for health purposes like treating varicose veins, edema, sprains. This constituent strengthens the blood vessels and prevents thrombosis. It has haemolytic properties and is recommended as an astringent and circulatory tonic. The extracts from horse chestnut are used to treat cellulitis. So you see, the beautiful tree and its flowers are not just an adornment. Talking about adornment. Did you know that the leaves of horse chestnut trees are a common pattern in art nouveau architecture? Well, follow this fantastic link and you'll find out more about the use of nature in the Art Nouveau decoration.


  1. Anonymous11:52 PM

    Ola ... fico extremamente contente por ter conseguido recuperar o contacto consigo.

    O meu blogue, como viu, mudou graças a um certo "cracker" que me apagou o outro. Perdi tudo, fotos, links e contactos ... ando a recuperat tudo lentamente!

    Como sempre, suas fotos ... uauuu!!

  2. Gracias. Me ha extrañado que no tenías la misma dirección. Pero he visitado a Daniel y es muy fácil encontrarte de nuevo. Yo casi siempre hago copias al menos de las fotos y así si pasa algo lo recupero. También puedes hacer copias de tu blog entero. Si quieres te digo como. Saludos.

  3. I like the full colours of your excellent photos which are poetic and yet strong.

  4. Wonderful! You have truly amazed me.


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