Barcelona Photoblog: Espadrilles: Spanish Alpargatas or Catalan Espardenyes

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Espadrilles: Spanish Alpargatas or Catalan Espardenyes

Espadrilles: Spanish Alpargatas or Catalan Espardenyes [enlarge]

es·pa·drille (sp-drl) n. A shoe usually having a fabric upper part and a sole made of a flexible material, such as rope or rubber. The term espadrille is French and derives from espardenya, which derives from espart, the Catalan name for esparto [from Latin spartum] , a tough, wiry Mediterranean grass used in making rope. Espadrilles have been made in Catalonia since the 14th century at least.


  1. Great picture. Barcelona is especially interesting to me being the birthplace of the modern day espadrille.

    Will 100% be going there this summer.

  2. Thanks. Do come. I see that you are in the business but I'll allow that. So, welcome to my blog Henry.

  3. Yes i am in the business, but it was your photo that caught my eye. Nice shot, i wish i could add photography to my list of skills :)

  4. I live in Canada and have searched for the Spanish espadrilles for years, did not want to buy them from a webstore in Europe, shipping costs are brutal !
    I finally found a store, located in Montreal, selling online, it's called

    They are hand made in Spain, same as in the pic.

    Enjoy ; )



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