Barcelona Photoblog: Espadrilles: Spanish Alpargatas or Catalan Espardenyes

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Espadrilles: Spanish Alpargatas or Catalan Espardenyes

espardenyes, espadrilles or alpargatas

es·pa·drille (sp-drl) n. A shoe usually having a fabric upper part and a sole made of a flexible material, such as rope or rubber. The term espadrille is French and derives from espardenya, which derives from espart, the Catalan name for esparto [from Latin spartum] , a tough, wiry Mediterranean grass used in making rope. Espadrilles have been made in Catalonia since the 14th century at least. Here is a good place to buy yourself some comfortable espardenyes.


  1. Great picture. Barcelona is especially interesting to me being the birthplace of the modern day espadrille.

    Will 100% be going there this summer.

  2. Thanks. Do come. I see that you are in the business but I'll allow that. So, welcome to my blog Henry.

  3. Yes i am in the business, but it was your photo that caught my eye. Nice shot, i wish i could add photography to my list of skills :)

  4. I live in Canada and have searched for the Spanish espadrilles for years, did not want to buy them from a webstore in Europe, shipping costs are brutal !
    I finally found a store, located in Montreal, selling online, it's called

    They are hand made in Spain, same as in the pic.

    Enjoy ; )



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