Barcelona Photoblog: Wooden Toys, Las Ramblas Stall, Barcelona

October 18, 2008

Wooden Toys, Las Ramblas Stall, Barcelona

wooden toys

Rambling Las Ramblas of Barcelona, camera on hand and nothing else to do, I decided to leave human statues alone for a while and concentrate on small details. Hundreds of souvenirs were shouting at me to be under the spotlight, to step into the limelight. Hey, me!. Forget about her! She's too ugly. I couldn't resist that urgent cry and headed for the little elf or whatever that was and gave him his moment of glory. Lady elf wasn't bad either. I suppose taking these wooden toys home would make your kids very happy or not?

And finally talking about tiny characters, did you know that every Saturday closest to June 25th the Smurfs celebrate their anniversary, Global Smurf Day?
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