Barcelona Photoblog: Angel or Devil, A Popular Living Statue in Las Ramblas


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Angel or Devil, A Popular Living Statue in Las Ramblas

Angel Living Statue in Las Ramblas [enlarge]

A very popular living statue in Las Ramblas. An angel, a golden angel showing off impressive wings that can be seen from the distance. This one is by far one of the most attractive human statues in this famous street of Barcelona. All in all the angel is sweet and gentle but if you take a close look you won't be so sure about which master this angel works for: God or the Devil. Click on the image for the big format and let me know what you see, good or evil? Maybe it represents some mythological being I am not aware of.


  1. It's no wonder this is such a popular living statue; it's spectacular. I enlarged and looked closely. Where I don't necessarily see a devil by any means (the eyes are too sparkling) the dirty face is disconcerting and removes an instantaneous assumption that this is an angel. I am admittedly perplexed!
    Wonderful shot, Carlos.

  2. Carlos, on seeing the big picture, I am inclined to agree with you. Impressive this angel may be, but a little on the scary side! These are beautiful pictures, well done!

  3. That's a beauty of a photo, so full of expression and at the seame time "statuesque"! ;-)

  4. This image does make me feel a little uneasy. Very classic look with that weird smile.

  5. Perhaps a fallen Grigori....stunning detail.

  6. Anonymous11:39 PM

    A nice picture and also a nice blog. I'm also from Barcelona and I've a blog related on it, some own videos are hanged about las Ramblas, Puerta del Angel, ... I hope see you there!

  7. I see a very, very good (superb) portrait!
    Sorry I haven't been commenting much lately - combination of life circumstances. SDP has had a 3rd birthday and you're invited to the party!
    Sydney Daily Photo

  8. Fantastic shot! Well captured detailed. I love it.

  9. Is that a statue? The eyes look so lively! The portrait is just too good!!


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