Barcelona Photoblog: The Simplified Beauty of A Drop

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Simplified Beauty of A Drop

Detail of Drop on a Leaf [enlarge]

Drops tell us not only of rain, of dew, but also of physics. You could talk about fluid dynamics, microclusters, cloud physics, applied optics, surface tension, cohesion, name it. But a drop is over all just a beautiful thing to look at. One of the many ways mother nature conceived to nourish and captivate us.


  1. Superb ... awesome details ... well done!

  2. Una imagen sencilla e increíblemente bella. La exposición y el colorido de la imagen son fabulosos. Una excelente toma. Saludos.

  3. -Thanks Krims.
    -Gracias Miguel.

  4. You have captured the moment beautifully. The clarity of that drop is simply amazing, and you have given me a true sense of the pure beauty of this part of nature. Congratulations.

  5. O, that is a very special shot accompanied by very special words. I would love for you to make a calendar showing your photos with descriptions like this one.

    My kitten sometimes splashes a drop on her nose when she is drinking water. She wears it around the house like a jewel until it is shaken off.


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