Barcelona Photoblog: Bead Necklace On Wood

Monday, April 20, 2009

Bead Necklace On Wood

Bead Necklace On Wood [enlarge]

This is a bead necklace my wife bought while we were visiting Mirador del Alcalde today, that beautiful place from where you can enjoy a wonderful sight of Barcelona. I took some pictures that I will post later this week. It is funny but from all the snaps I prefer the macro instead of the landscapes. It was sunny and we laid the necklace on the upper part of a bench. I used a 70-300 mm lens.


  1. You did what I wood have done if I were you...;-)

    Very nice shot!

  2. Hi ! I just came from Barcelona. We were in MACBA and now I forgott the name of thatArtist who makes "paintings" of small people and this "painting" moves...there was Colgate, Mao, a politician speaking etc do you know this Artist ???? Or from where can I find the names of all artists right now being in MACBA ???? Sorry this inconvenience ! :)

    I'll but my Barcelona pics in my blog

  3. -Thanks Jacob.Wood cha? ;)
    -I see. Well well, I wish I knew everything that's cooking in the city but my time is scarce. Nevertheless Macba current exhibitions are announced at their site here:
    Do browse for upcoming and travelling exhibitions. Maybe someone here is aware of the author. There was some buzz some time ago about new Chinese artists with their always daring and great work but I can't give you names. Sorry about that. By the way nice pics on your side :)


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