Barcelona Photoblog: Fish Eyes

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fish Eyes

Red Fish at La Boqueria Market[enlarge]

Sorry if you came looking for the lenses. This is only a very quiet scene with some dead actors staring at the audience with very fishy looking eyes. Stop staring at me! Well, you can try moving from left to right and viceversa. See how they follow? Should anyone know the name of the species please help me on this. For the moment they are just some red fish at La Boqueria market, those small ones we normally use to make paella known here as peix de roca (fish living in the bottom rocks), in other words, with benthonic habits. They look like some sort of squirrelfish or Candil to me although those are tropical. Hmm, maybe.


  1. Sorry, can't help! They do look nice and fresh.
    La Boqueria market is one of THE great market places anywhere. I loved all the markets I saw in Barca, and love that they are so close to where people live - the neighbourhood market at Baceloneta became a favourite when I was staying there.
    Thanks for your lovely words of birthday wishes!
    Sydney Daily Photo

  2. the fish look fresh and clean :-)

  3. Des rougets ! Cool shot! Unfortunately, it's one of two fishes I don't like, whether their eyes follow me or not!

  4. Great focus on the eyes.
    Loce the work on the textures and colors.
    Buen trabajo Carlos, sobre todo a la hora de rescatar la luz del hielo.

  5. Great shot! Love the colours and contrast too.


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