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Friday, September 4, 2009

Bobbin Lace: Pins


Here is a detail of a bobbin lace pillow with a tacked pattern. Pins will hold the wooden bobbins in place while they twist and cross the yarn that will produce the final lacework. The image was captured during a small exhibition near Barcelona cathedral last August. By the way, this reporter-photographer-to-be, as you can see, is back from holidays to keep you posted about Barcelona as usual. I had a wonderful time in the Caribbean, in Cuba to be more precise. In coming days I will upload the pictures I took there to my Flickr account and leave a link here in Barcelona Photoblog.


  1. Are young girls learning to do this old form of art, or will it someday die out?

  2. wow. really beautiful.
    and good to hear you 've had a great holiday. Quite jealous of someone who actually went to Cuba :)
    bet you took some neat photos there too!

  3. My goodness, that looks so intricate and complicated! But it is very beautiful.

    Glad you had a good time on your vacation, and I'll be watching for the link to your pics!

  4. Welcome back Carlos! Glad you're back safely from Cuba! Looking forward to seeing your daily Barcelona snaps and photos from Cuba, too! Cool!

  5. i never thought pins can be so intricate and well-captured... love it!

  6. i never thought pins can be so intricate and well-captured... love it!

  7. Anonymous5:55 AM

    i hear one of the great things about cuba is the lack of american tourists...what say you?

  8. That looks immensely complex but also very beautiful. I am glad ancient skills like this are not just left to die out.

  9. Great blog Carlos!!! You´re doing a good job!!


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