Barcelona Photoblog: Lamp Post by Falques, Avinguda Gaudi, Barcelona

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lamp Post by Falques, Avinguda Gaudi, Barcelona

Lamp Post by Pere Falques, Avinguda Gaudi, Barcelona

There was a time when this modernist lamp post along with other three, were part of an imaginary geometric figure on a square at the intersection of Avinguda Diagonal and Passeig de Gracia known as Cinc D'Oros (Five of Gold in a deck of Spanish cards). Although the decision to make the square dates back to 1907, meant to honor Pi i Maragall, president of the Republic, it wasn't till 1915 that the place was fully conditioned.

First there were only the stones and a round space in the middle. The lamp posts, later fixed on the stones, were made in 1909 by architect Pere Falqués, the same artist that created the famous 31 lamps integrated on benches along Passeig de Gracia. Maybe it was by that time that the curious name after the five of gold card appeared cause they looked so from above.

In 1934 the monument was officially inaugurated with a sculpture by Viladomat in the middle. Such sculpture devoted to the Republic was later replaced by an obelisk and a lady representing Victory (1940), in this case of General Franco, by sculptor Frederic Marès.

The four lamp posts and the statue once unmounted were stored in a municipal warehouse at carrer Wellington. The sculpture dedicated to the Republic was placed at Llucmajor square in Nou Barris quarter in 1990 and the lamps, well, now you know where they are. All four of them can be admired along Avinguda Gaudi which goes from Sant Pau Hospital (at my back in the picture) to Sagrada Familia cathedral in the background. I hope you like the black and white option.


  1. Ah, Carlos! This is art! Amazing shot. What a great confection of light and dark and lines and angles!

  2. Amazing indeed! As if the whole photo is covered by lace :) Excellent!

  3. That lamp post is a design of fantasy and matches the cathedral like they were made for each other!

  4. Oh wow - the black & white treatment makes this shine. I love all the filigrees and the greys and the lines and the detail... what a beautiful picture!

  5. Amazing photo! I loved taking pictures of lamp posts when I visited Barcelona.

  6. This is really beautiful shot!
    and thank you for this historical note.


  7. Fabulous photo with the famous cathedral in the background! C'est formidable!!

  8. Carlos, Superb photo. I love the blacks, grays, whites, that enhance the subjects. The delicate tips of the reaching branches, the tamed jutting cranes, the forceful diagonals of the closing in side buildings, the balls of the netted lamps. Most taken with the arabesque drawing in the forceful lamppost. But none of these separate elements prepare one for the cacophony and impact of the total whole of this photograph. Cannot wait to see this in person, although I would never be able to capture the magic that you have in you superb photo of the modernist Barcelona lamp post. Bravo!


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