Barcelona Photoblog: Street Art in Barri Gotic, Barcelona

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Street Art in Barri Gotic, Barcelona

Street Art in Barri Gotic, Barcelona [enlarge]

Here's another sample of street art permanently exhibited for free, for everyone to see, spontaneous and refreshing, located in the narrow alleys of Barri Gotic. Each of you will interpret this artwork differently of course. I find there's a great contrast between the African and the white western world woman. The blond girl's nose is dripping something green, that maybe it is just what it is or maybe means she's crying, feeling sympathetic towards the poor for humanitarian reasons but with that stuck up, phony attitude of the rich when donating to the cause, with the sole intention of saving their soul or cleaning up their filthy conscience. I think the green snot and the big M in her mouth represent money. But then again that's just the way I see it and of course kind people there are everywhere, even in upper echelons of society.


  1. Wow - grooovy, funky street art! I think we need to hire a street artist in Eagan - who's the contact person! Ha!

  2. One thing for sure, this kind of art is certainly provocative, provoking a variety of emotions...

    Very interesting post, Carlos!

  3. I like your evaluation of the street art, Carlos. Also, what seems very pronounced to me is the wise expression on the African's face. The eyes are all-knowing, there is no need to look at the white woman to know what is in her heart. I really love the drawing of the African.

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