Barcelona Photoblog: Purple Bougainvilleas Detail


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Purple Bougainvilleas Detail

Purple Bougainvilleas Detail [enlarge]

With this detail of some purple bougainvilleas flowers I want to wish you all a nice weekend. As you know I like to spray some nature here and there in between bricks and stones. Not that I am the flower kind but it is nice to see the colors and feel more alive every now and then.


  1. happy week end for you too....thank for the flowers

  2. Love the complimentary colours! And I agree about needing a touch of nature to remind us of Real Life, so am looking forward to seeing that side of Barcelona via your lens. Oh, and thanks for visiting my site:)

  3. Hello!
    I visited Barcelona 3 months ago and that made it my favorite destination. I loved the bougainvilleas, they reminded me of Greece. Congrats for your blog and your photos!

  4. Yep, bougainvilleas remind me of Greece too :-)

    Lovely flowers, great detailed shot!

  5. I love the contrasting colors in this. So beautiful, such detail.

  6. lovely colour!

  7. What beautiful color on those flowers. I personally love the colors of the bougainvilleas, all colors are spectacular. Great photography. Please post more nature scenery. I love your pictures, you have an eye for the perfect picture.


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