Barcelona Photoblog: Barcelona Carnival: Fantasy of a Little Princess

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Barcelona Carnival: Fantasy of a Little Princess

Snow White costume - Barcelona Carnival in La Merce market [enlarge]

I don't really know what the costume is about. Snow White perhaps. Whatever it is who knows how many fantasies populate this child's mind, how different can she see the world through her rose colored infant glasses. Perhaps this market is full of fairies hiding behind those huge stands from where they gently offer treats. I couldn't resist using the classic color isolation trick.


  1. Love the photo and that you've emphasised the little girl in colour. I often wonder what children think or do they just absorb situations without actually thinking? More likely they 'feel' - perhaps she feels self-conscious or she loves to show-off.

    Good questions you ask, Carlos.

  2. Really nice pic!!! Love it!

  3. Carlos, are you a poet? I am sure she is a bit afraid of the spades mark on the eye of the saleslady. Looks dangerous for the princesses.

  4. i love the colour isolation!!

    everyone else is boring and dreary. she is the only one alive w imagination! love that idea!!! bellisima!! :)

  5. Excellent. Nice job of desaturation! She looks like the star of the event!


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