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Friday, February 5, 2010

The Photographer

The Photographer [enlarge]

Why freezing a fragment of reality when we can live that same reality right now? Why do we collect memories if the past is no more? It was not always so. First we painted a hunting scene on the walls of the cave to evoke our deeds and then it all began. We are extremely fond of memories. We perfected the tools till we imprinted reality on a piece of paper not without effort at first and then we made it universal. Now everybody can be the painter of the tribe. Popularity makes it harder to be original though. Reality is just reality and chances are too many people shoot from the same angle and focus on the same subject. But luckily we are more than button pushers. We carry that magic stuff called soul. We like to find beauty around us, create and obtain self satisfaction with the result, just like the first day in that cave. And just as tools didn't create men but certainly helped them grow the same happens with cameras. With the right gear you can express yourself better but always remember that ancient caveman, the photographer in you.


  1. Perfecto. Mejor no se puede decir!

  2. Really well said Carlos and a great photo as usual. I love this perspective.

    Have a great weekend! :)

  3. Marvelous sepia shot of a thoughtful scene. Your words are exquisite!
    We carry that magic stuff called soul.. . . You sure do, Carlos.

  4. Anonymous11:47 AM

    A wonderful start to the weekend. :-)

  5. So well said Carlos and a beautiful photo. It seems to me that good photographers, like all artists are somehow able to see the world from an objective point of view yet are able to expression emotion within that context. Somehow we are able to show our world as WE see it. Others would see that very same world, that very same moment, totally differently. I love being a cavewoman!

    Love this post. Thanks Carlos.

  6. Anonymous1:35 AM

    You are for sure able to paint with words as much as with your photography.
    Bravo !
    Please have a wonderful weekend.

  7. very thoughful :) a perfect complement to a beautiful picture

  8. Nice to read! Very well written Carlos!

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  9. Originality is a composite of all the previous memories stored from our past realities. It is the person with a different perception that unlocks those realities and makes them his or her own. Wonderful post Carlos. Photography is an Art that sometimes I feel is much underappreciated. It is indeed a link to the memory, which inturn opens the eye of the soul.


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