Barcelona Photoblog: Barcelona Metro: The Underground Man

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Barcelona Metro: The Underground Man

Barcelona subway [enlarge]

Barcelona subway according to my opinion offers a rather good service and it is quite modern if compared to other cities. But I am not here to praise our underground system or to talk about finding directions either. Everything is well indicated as you can see. I just want to show the silhouette of this man under the spotlight and let you make up your own story. Happy Easter!


  1. This is a neat image. I'm thinking you took it through the window of the subway car? It has a interesting effect, it almost looks like a drawing.

  2. I loved the Barcelona Metro. It was how I got around the city. I've stopped at Urquinaona many times too.

  3. My story is that his luggage has a special Easter basket with goodies for a beloved niece!

    Happy Easter to you and your family, Carlos.

  4. A priori la fotografia me gusta, pero en una segunda "lectura" pienso que le falta aire por la izquierda de cuadro, para ver por completo URQUINAONA p.ej. y le sobra por la derecha. Descentrado el encuadre ésta hubiera ganado.

  5. Thanks for your comments. You are right Bruno, I would have loved to include full Urquinaona text in the frame but this was a snap I took in a hurry. I agree anyway that it could have been better

  6. Thanks Carlos, anyway I always really enjoy their photographs and I've never commented, only this time I saw something strange.

  7. Hi,
    I like this picture and also a lot of photo and story that you intend to show a feeling at that moment are very perfect.
    This one have recalled a moment when I was working there.
    I have been to BCN on last year just only 3 months for working on a Metro Barcelona. I hope I can back to BCN again but don't know when, will follow your blog and see your update. :)


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