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October 04, 2009

Boqueria Candy

Candy Stall at La Boqueria Market, Barcelona

Just a picture for the weekend. Sweet thoughts! Get lost in the magic of La Boqueria market and concentrate on candy like this cute girl is doing.

July 23, 2009

Sweet Shapes

Sweet Shapes

An assorted sample of sweets, candies, gummies or gominolas you can buy, in this case, at La Boqueria market. If you feel like watching other similar shots check the new Linkwithin widget under each post or these previous photographs: Gummy Candy, Sugary Candy Treats, Green Jelly Candy.

June 26, 2009

Dragees or Peladillas, La Boqueria market, Barcelona

Dragees or Peladillas at La Boqueria Market [enlarge]

Dragées come in many different colors as you can see here. In fact I had never seen purple or green ones before. In English I prefer to call them dragées instead of sugar almonds or Jordan almonds since they can carry not only almonds but also raisins, nuts, liqueur or just chocolate but to be honest here they call them all peladillas (sugar almonds) in spite of having also the word gragea which is more general and seldom used. I don't know in your country but in Spain it is customary to give them as a present to guests at a wedding or baptism as they are thought to bring luck. They are usually presented inside a basket or a tulle net along with the newlyweds or the child's name. Peladillas are undoubtedly a coveted and appealing treat for children and adults alike. The origin is not clear, some say it was a Roman delicacy called tragemata created accidentally by Julius Dragatus, some others say it was the name of a slave or that it was reinvented by Pecquet in 1760 a famous French confectioner who gave them the current sleek appearance and used to supply the court aristocrats who carry them in small boxes called drageoirs. The final product is obtained after a five-day process which I won't describe here. According to the dictionary the word comes from Greek tragêmata that means sweet, treat, a sort of food made of nuts and fruit that could be munched or chewed. Gragea means pill or tablet so as you can see history is like a giant puzzle where every piece makes sense. There are even variations of the word like the verb to dredge in English which means to sprinkle or coat with some powdered substance and of course is used in cookery. Interesting don't you think? Peladillas are common in some parts of Valencia and Alicante, in Southeast Spain. The image was taken in La Boqueria market, Barcelona.

May 01, 2009

Gummy Candy

Gummy Candy  [enlarge]

The dream of every child, mountains of gummy candy triggering the wildest fantasies in the back of their minds, with funny shapes and delicious flavors. I thought this was going to be an easy picture but to my surprise I had a lot of problem with predominant yellow from the incandescent light and white balance. I am not completely satisfied but the large version came out somewhat acceptable in the end. I hope you like it.

January 25, 2009

Green Sugary Candy

Green Sugary Candy [enlarge]

Sweets not only taste great but also produce beauty with their colors and evoke dreams in our deep rooted childhood memories. What if their colors were dull, would they sell just the same? Or is it a matter of stimuli? Are bright colors nice in our minds because they usually taste good? Are they associated with happiness, anniversaries, the colors of our room when we were kids, clowns? I don't know but I do prefer them that way! Don't you?

October 23, 2008

Sugary Candy Treats: Jelly Candy or Gominolas


Still some time for Halloween but you can feel it round the corner, don't you? That gusty wind not only brings leaves but the echoes of witches too. Soon enough children will be knocking at your door, again! Time flies! Maybe jelly candy is not the right treat but they wouldn't say no, would they. They say eating too many can cause diabetes II, but what the heck, they are yummy. Sugar, starch, pectin, gum or gelatin make up some of the ingredients of these delicious sweets that come in all sorts of colors and flavors. Who hasn't got an indigestion of gummies right after watching a movie? Can you think of jelly candy names? We call them gominolas, here are some: Turkish delight, cola bottle gummies, gumdrops, gummi bears...

Now that the trick or treat ceremony is coming while don't you take a look at Halloween candy.

To create a mood let's suggest some Halloween photography tips found at Darren Rowse's (@problogger) Digital Photography School.

August 23, 2008

Candy Mix

Colorful Sweets - Mix Candy [enlarge]

In my spare time I am beginning to take the first steps on the world of small things. I neither master the technique nor have the adequate gear so you may call this a house experiment. I set eyes on a bag of sweets at random. This is not publicity. I don't sell candy. But the brand name was there and it came handy for choosing the title of the post.

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