Barcelona Photoblog: Boqueria Candy

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Boqueria Candy

Candy Stall at La Boqueria Market, Barcelona [enlarge]

Just a picture for the weekend. Sweet thoughts! Get lost in the magic of La Boqueria market and concentrate on candy like this cute girl is doing.


  1. mmm,...nothin but sweetness!
    i want that big heart shape lollipop! ^-^

  2. WOW - delicious photo! I'll try some of that one, that, this one in front, the red one and the caramels!

  3. ooo really nice I want to move to barcelona when I am older hopefully :( return to my roots but I was going to say you should put more pictures up :) like from clothing stores,events, and just much more from different categories :D of course I would love for you do that It would help me learn more about Barcelona for when I do move!! and as a follower of your blog M'encantaria!( i would appreciate it)

    gracies (thank you)

  4. Thanks arabesque, Leif, Tinsie.
    As to Chesire Cat (nice nickname) I must tell that I know what u mean when you suggest some variety here. I would like to do that myself. Sometimes I am more worried about the quality of my images than to city snaps. At least make it more balanced. I don't walk around the city that often now and I get too demanding with the final result. When I show a shop, an event, or whatever I want it to look great and it is difficult sometimes. In other words, either I am a reporter or an artist (I am not :))Nevertheless, I am aware of that and will try sometimes. I appreciate people make suggestions. That means you care for my work and that is priceless. Thanks.


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