Barcelona Photoblog: Sugary Candy Treats: Jelly Candy or Gominolas

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sugary Candy Treats: Jelly Candy or Gominolas

Jelly Candy, Gummies,

Still some time for Halloween but you can feel it round the corner, don't you? That gusty wind not only brings leaves but the echoes of witches too. Soon enough children will be knocking at your door, again! Time flies! Maybe jelly candy is not the right treat but they wouldn't say no, would they. They say eating too many can cause diabetes II, but what the heck, they are yummy. Sugar, starch, pectin, gum or gelatin make up some of the ingredients of these delicious sweets that come in all sorts of colors and flavors. Who hasn't got an indigestion of gummies right after watching a movie? Can you think of jelly candy names? We call them gominolas, here are some: Turkish delight, cola bottle gummies, gumdrops, gummi bears...

Now that the trick or treat ceremony is coming while don't you take a look at Halloween candy.

To create a mood let's suggest some Halloween photography tips found at Darren Rowse's (@problogger) Digital Photography School.


  1. It's always such a treat to visit your colorful blog and indulge myself in great photos!

  2. Hi Kuan, delighted to have you here. What a great person and blogger you are!

  3. Can candy be beautiful? Your picture makes it so. I was amazed by that blog you linked to that was all about candy!
    (on Oct. 26 there is an award for you at my blog that I think you missed when you read a later post.....)

  4. Darn. I was there and I missed that one? I am terribly sorry Lydia. I will check it right now.

  5. Anonymous5:23 PM

    haha! cool! i didn't know you have candy treats too! lol! nice shot! don't you just love the colors of them? :D

  6. Well, in fact we don't. We eat lots of them but there is almost no trick and treat around here. Although each year they import more and more traditions. We have parties for halloween. I mean there are bars organizing stuff. People wear costumes. They sell Halloween things but no kid comes home yet. Maybe in small towns or certain neighborhoods there's some sort of attempt but in generall we don't have it.

  7. Anonymous5:48 PM

    I want some right now! I love the texture and the colors of this photo. Well done! Maybe you would like to taste some specialities from my region:

  8. Oh I see what you meant!!!Right after previous comment went to see your post and remember that you had candy treats too! In fact I saw it yesterday. I thought you meant the action, asking for treats LOL. By the way your candies are more beautiful. From here I recommend everyone to take a look at them.

  9. Anonymous9:58 PM

    Cool shot, very nice textures and vivid colors!

  10. Anonymous12:25 PM

    It's funny, I selected candies too on VFXY. It was not Anthony, but . yours are very appetizing :)

  11. -Yes phototherapy you are right. It is not anthony. The point is that I was referring to Claire up here. Anthony's comment enter first and it seems I was referring to him. Next time I will have to use the name as I always do. Silly me! :)
    Thanks claude!

  12. Anonymous5:31 PM

    Delicious shot ! great colors !

  13. I'm gonna run to the supermarket right now! LOL

  14. Anonymous12:44 PM

    Great colours!

  15. -Thanks Vink. Great photos you have there.
    -Don't eat to much of that Mary :)
    -Hi Ian, I enjoyed your profile introduction at VFXY. Remarkable landscapes!


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