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February 10, 2013

Barcelona Carnival 2013: Some Days of Pagan Joy

Carnival costumes in Barcelona subway

Carnival in Barcelona is enjoyed with passion, all the passion that a European carnival can have. I mean, this is not Rio with all the moving flesh and the stamina the tropic brings. Within Europe, maybe it is not as beautiful as the one in Venice. In that line of thought, Venetians also tend to be a little rigid when it comes to shaking their hips in comparison to a Brazilian girl, probably in fear that masks fell from their face, who knows? In other words, we celebrate it with joy, shake our butt a little and try to make it as colorful as can be in order to forget for a while about economic crisis and corrupted politicians.

In Barcelona, for carnestoltes as it is also known here, there is the big parade or Rua (Catalan) in which each guild shows off their float and group choreography, and then there are small ruas held in parallel celebrations at neighborhood level.

As you may know, Carnival starts with Dijous Gras (Fat Thursday) and finishes with Ash Wednesday right when Lent begins. It is based in old pagan winter festivities normally drenched with wine and open to other liberties which Greeks and Romans were so prone to and such habits were later adopted by Christians in their own let's say penitent way, interpreting this brief period as a time for a relaxation break before dealing with the fasting hardships of Lent. Only for a hearty meal and a little wine, of course.

Around here, on Ash Wednesday, we make a funeral and bury a sardine, yes, we like to be different. Who wants to have sardines after having so much food and drinks. We have even created the figure of a guy, Carnestoltes, the appointed King of the Carnival, that dies every year, in some towns of a sudden death and in some others including Barcelona, after a public trial in which he is sentenced to death. The king, always ends up burnt to ashes, and as you may have guessed already, sometimes alive and sometimes being already a corpse. Whatever the way, he is given a non religious burial in accordance with his dubious nature and as a way to purify our repentant community from these days of sinful behavior. Obviously there is still a lot of pagan in our Christian souls somehow.

February 24, 2006

Carnival in Barcelona

Carnival is a name for any kind of revelry or festivity. By tradition, it is the season just before Lent celebrated by merrymaking, processions, dancing, and feasting. During Carnival week masked balls, processions of decorated floats through the streets, costume parades, and feasting generally mark the celebration. The word "carnival" probably comes from the medieval Latin carnelevarium, meaning to take away or remove meat (in the past, Catholics were forbidden to eat meat during the 40 days of Lent). The first day of the carnival season varies from country to country. Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday, from the custom of using up meat and fats in the home before Lent, here in Spain is Fat Thursday.

Barcelona's Carnival is not very important, there is no central parade - individual districts organize and hold their own. At night-time, during the week before Ash Wednesday the streets are full of people dressed up and many parties are held (the most popular of which is usually held in the Spanish Village - Poble Espanyol - on the Saturday night). During the day children's carnivals are organized and most schools let the children go in fancy dress on the Friday before Ash Wednesday.

January 22, 2008

Carnival Costumes: Girl With Mantilla

Carnival Costumes: Girl With Mantilla [enlarge]

Another carnival photograph taken in Barcelona. This time, a girl covered with a colorful mantilla or manta cloak. Our Carnival 2008 has been a total success and fortunately it started to rain just when celebrations ended around 11:30 at night.

February 15, 2010

Barcelona Carnival: Butcher in Disguise at La Merce Market

Butcher lady holding carving knife and wearing carnival costume

La Merce market in Nou Barris quarter (Pg Fabra i Puig 270-272) participated as usual in the Barcelona carnival activities. As it is traditional at this time of the year workers wore costumes while serving clients. In the picture this lady butcher with wig and red hat had no problem in skillfully slicing that chunk of meat. Maybe you came out with some artificial hair in your food but who cares, it is carnival time.

January 21, 2008

Carnival Costumes: Three Men In White, Barcelona, Spain

Carnival Costumes: Three Men In White, Barcelona, Spain [enlarge]

This is my second image about Carnival costumes. As I said most of them are regional clothes mainly from the immigrants, the new Catalans that added the brightest colors to Carnival celebrations in the city of Barcelona. This year a new variant has been introduced in the event: the Rua, that is, all the participants in the parade (about 3000 people) walked along Passeig Maragall, a long avenue in the Nou Barris and Horta Quarters about 20 minutes from the city center (subway or bus). As you can imagine to have such an important event happening in front of your door once in a life time makes all the citizens in this part of town quite happy. No more traffic jams going downtown to find that there's no room to watch the parade and then walk your way back because the subway is packed with people or buses won't stop. It was about time authorities organized Carnivals in other areas of Barcelona. I don't know who the smart guy or girl was, but hey, you can have yourself a couple of drinks, I pay!

February 18, 2007

Carnival Masks in Barcelona

Multicolored Carnival Masks in Barcelona

Saturday was raining cats and dogs so I decided not to go to the Carnival parade. Today we went for a walk downtown and still could see costumes here and there or take shots of beautiful masks like these displayed in a shop in the Gothic Quarter or Barri Gotic. I took some more pictures in the area, not related to today's topic, which I will show you soon.

More about Carnival in Barcelona

March 03, 2014

Carnival 2014 in Barcelona: The Actors

Last Saturday was La Rua's day of Carnival 2014 in Barcelona. La Rua is the Catalan name for the  parade that takes place in some carnivals around the world and as usual in these events people let their imagination fly. As you should know from previous posts here in Barcelona Photoblog about Barcelona's Carnival, there is the main parade and then there are secondary ruas in many districts of the city. Besides the floats and the parades it is very common to see shop clerks or market staff working in their costumes as you can appreciate in this picture taken at one of the stands in La Merce market. This week I am going to show some costumes both from the market and the streets and I would like to thank those who gently accepted to pose for the camera. Please check also: Some days of Pagan Joy, Carnival Costumes, Feather Masks

January 19, 2008

Carnival Time in Barcelona!

Carnival Time in Barcelona! A Cry of Joy [enlarge]

Hereby I want to make clear that this blog is not dead. No way! With this enthusiastic cry of joy I want to declare carnival season open in Barcelona Photoblog. I know many of you wanted to know about this important event in Barcelona so I have a whole set of carnival images coming your way. Please forgive my irregular posting, I think sometimes we need a little break to gasp for some fresh air. By the way this February my photo blog will be two years old. I don't believe in celebrations but I am happy to be around and be able to share some time with you.

March 03, 2017

Nocturne Carnival Thoughts in Some Barcelona Bar

Carnival in Barcelona or in any other part of the world is not just parading and dancing like a wild animal in costumes. Carnival is an attitude, a change of look, a detachment from the usual you and in a way, a special opportunity to release the inner child that still dwells in there somewhere. This girl wearing strange glasses and big flowers in her hair in the most pure bailaora de flamenco style and with reminiscences of La Martirio, has a cool glamorous something under the mysterious lights of the Carnival night and is indeed a good example of what I meant.

February 12, 2013

Barcelona Carnival 2013: Elvis

Guy wearing Elvis costume in Horta Carnival Barcelona

Not than an Elvis impersonation is anything new to see specially without glasses but that tupee certainly caught my attention. This picture I took at Plaza Ibiza, Horta quarter once the local parade had come to an end. Participants and spectators joined at the square and started sharing experiences about the event. It's been yet another great year for Barcelona's Carnival this last weekend although technically it comes to an end tomorrow which is Ash Wednesday.

Worth mentioning is famous Sitges carnival that really lasts till the very end tomorrow and where many people from Barcelona go to if they have the chance.

January 23, 2008

Barcelona Carnival Costumes: Clowns in the Mirror

Barcelona Carnival Costumes: Clowns in the Mirror [enlarge]

Barcelona Carnival costumes detail. Two clowns or is it just one, looking at herself in the mirror? As usual this picture looks better if enlarged. I could have cropped the faces but I wanted to keep the hand gesture and the out of focus clown in the far right to emphasize the fact they are on top of a carnival float. Am I digressing here? Well at least she is cute and those piercings give her quite a modern look. See if you can find her clown nose.

February 17, 2010

Carnival in Barcelona: La Merce Market

Carnival in Barcelona: La Merce Market [enlarge]

Another picture from this particular series taken in La Merce market last weekend during Barcelona carnival celebrations. I guess it is not very comfortable to work wearing a joker costume but it all helped cheering up the season and the lousy weather.

January 25, 2008

Carnival Costumes: Bolivian Devil, Barcelona Carnaval 2008

Carnival Costumes: Bolivian Devil, Barcelona Carnaval 2008 [enlarge]

Now that we can easily distinguish the Bolivian flag next to our character we can dare to say that this is a Bolivian costume. Thanks to this clue and jumping to the conclusion that this must be some devil figure it is not difficult to investigate Bolivian carnival and discover that a devil dance or diablada is suppose to inagurate the famous carnaval in Oruro, Bolivia. The story deviates a little from our subject which is Barcelona but I guess many of you would like to learn about colorful costumes and traditions in South America. Please read the whole article about Bolivian Carnaval here. Today I was not pretty satisfied with the image so I asked my wife: What do you think? No need to say she didn't like it either. I had the hunch. But the figure is so hideous, and to make it worse, the fact that it was on top of a passing truck looked so bizarre and out of context, that I thought, hey, why not!!!. What do you think?

February 17, 2007

Barcelona Carnival 2007: Feather Mask

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Carnival 2007 is on, today there will be a parade or Rua de Carnaval departing at 20:30 from carrer Gran de Gràcia/Plaça de Lesseps up to Als Jardinetes de Gràcia. There will be other parades but this will be the biggest. Schools like every year in Barcelona, organized their own carnestoltes where the strangest costumes could be seen. I took two scores of photographs of kids in assorted outfits but I was not expecting the cherry on top at the very end of yesterday's party, in my daughter's schoolyard. Mysteriouly and seductively, out of the blue, showed up this woman wearing an attractive smile behind an exuberant feather mask, like an illustrious lady travelling incognito on a secret affair during a Venetian Masquerade.

February 07, 2007

Carnival 2007 is Around the Corner

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Carnestoltes is almost here! Carnival 2007 (February 17th thru 21st) will start in a few days in Barcelona. Carnival comes from Latin carnem+levare (raise meat)in allusion to Lent, a period of sorrowful reflection to identify with Jesus' redemptive death. As you know these celebrations are deeply rooted in paganic rituals dating back to Roman times. Of course these two kids are unaware of that but traditions endure the past of time and there is a sort of wild call inside telling us that spring is coming soon so we have to celebrate, with flesh or without!. Now that Ash Wednesday is coming and we are talking about flesh, let's watch and listen to a wonderful song called Ashes to Ashes.

PS: Don't forget there are two Holga 120 CFN Color Flash Cameras for free in the ABSOLUTLOMO CONTEST! and anyone can participate.

May 29, 2008

Masks, The Mystery of Carnivals

Carnival masks in Barcelona

This one has a halo of mystery and fantasy. I chose to leave it pretty dark to concentrate just on the masks. It is not carnival anymore but I forgot to post it when I had to. Never is too late for beauty though. Looking for more? Check more pictures of the Catalan Carnival in Barcelona:

January 24, 2008

Carnival Costumes: Indian Chief Feather Hat, Barcelona, Spain

Kid wearing indigenous carnival feathered costume

Another one for the road, a boy wearing an Indian Chief feather hat during Carnival 2008 celebrations in Barcelona. I am trying to get more colorful pictures, I calibrated my monitor recently but as you know that's not an easy task. My screen is relatively big but not too good in quality. It looks somewhat softer now but I can perceive all the gray scale tonalities. Maybe in my attempt to make my images more contrasty they show too dark on your monitor. Perhaps they look more saturated now. No matter what the final result is I hate dull pictures, at least unintentional dull pictures. We may not be good photographers but at least let's avoid that disgusting washed out look. I know many of you obtain quite colorful images full of contrast, any tips that might help us all enhance our photos?

February 24, 2009

Carnival Costumes

Carnival Costumes [enlarge]

Carnival costumes may have the most unusual designs. This isn't by far one of my best captures. The background was horrible and I was using the built-in flash but I noticed that still this ghostly image can have some weird, spooky Indian halo around it.

January 26, 2008

Carnival in Barcelona: Football Lady


Today I want to show you another carnival image, yes, yet another. This time we leave folklore for a while and set eyes on the weird football costume the lady in my picture is pompously wearing. I don't have the slightest idea about the meaning of the dress but she did let her imagination go. I realize I am being a real pain in the a.. with so many carnival photos. As you can guess I need to go out and take some fresh shots but believe me I don't have much time lately. I am aware of that and I do know the kind of images you prefer, me too! Today I added some extra memory to my PC and everything is working faster so maybe I squeeze more minutes for the posts. I never was too serious about buying memory cards and today I realized how wrong I was. It feels like being younger or getting your sight back, if you know what I mean.

January 20, 2008

Carnival Costumes: Sisters on Fire

Carnival Costumes: Sisters on Fire [enlarge]

With this post I start my Barcelona Carnival series. Most of my coming pictures are costumes, specially regional costumes. But as you can see kids make better images due to their spontaneity and that ability to find magic where our untrained eye hardly sees happiness and beauty.
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