Barcelona Photoblog: Carnival 2007 is Around the Corner

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Carnival 2007 is Around the Corner

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Carnestoltes is almost here! Carnival 2007 (February 17th thru 21st) will start in a few days in Barcelona. Carnival comes from Latin carnem+levare (raise meat)in allusion to Lent, a period of sorrowful reflection to identify with Jesus' redemptive death. As you know these celebrations are deeply rooted in paganic rituals dating back to Roman times. Of course these two kids are unaware of that but traditions endure the past of time and there is a sort of wild call inside telling us that spring is coming soon so we have to celebrate, with flesh or without!. Now that Ash Wednesday is coming and we are talking about flesh, let's watch and listen to a wonderful song called Ashes to Ashes.

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  2. Hi Carlos,

    Preparations for Carnival (Fasnacht) are underway in parts of Switzerland as well, though they're probably minor compared to the festivities in your part of the world. I'll be covering some of it (shop window decorations and such) in the weeks to come.

  3. Hi Z, I will take a look at your work to see what the Carnival festivities in Switzerland are like.

  4. Anonymous1:34 PM

    Hi Z! I don't agree with you..Fastnacht Festivities in Basel especially is a big event and definitely a thing to do! Waggis everywhere playing flute and drummer early in the morning till late at night, distributing flower and rushing onto you to throw confettis! the atmosphere isn't the same at all as in Sitges (close to BCN) where carnaval looks like a small Rio you watch on TV... nice too but soooo different!

  5. Anonymous8:15 AM

    Oh, carnivals, so strange to me. I have seen them only in TV, but I have here a ballet of ice flowers and
    -35 degrees Celsius :), perhaps not a right time for any kind of carnivals.
    But you enjoy your festival!

  6. Aloha...I never heard back from you in regards to my question about the Absolut Lomo question. In any event, I love your beautiful blog and stories. Blessings!


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