Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Picture of Statue at Plaça Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain

Picture of Statue at Plaça Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain
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This is one of the many statues to admire at Plaça Catalunya (Catalonia Square), just in front of El Corte Inglés Shopping Center, the most famous chain of stores in Spain, which you can see there in the background. I showed you a panoramic view of the square where I am standing right now as taken from those windows you see on top of the building.

Satellite Image of Plaça Catalunya and El Corte Inglés on Google Maps.

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  1. Nice picture especially with the blue sky at the background.

  2. I've been in that shopping centre! had to go in and buy a new suitcase for all the Zara clothes i bought!

    And yes, I remember this statue. Didn't have a bird on it's head when i was there though ;)

  3. Its like a combination of arts sculpture and painting (the clouds seems so beautiful to be real).
    Great shot!

  4. first i thought the bird is part of statue:-P, we can see birds on statue everywhere if they r in the right spot- will make the photo look so cool like this one-great capture:-))

  5. The pidgeon on his head is funny! ;)

  6. I like the skies too, tanty.
    It is hard to take shots of statues without pigeons, I'm afraid these days.
    The clouds is what I like the most as well as the light, thanks selana.
    yes, those birds are sometimes annoying or sometimes funny, I even saw seagulls, which were not that frequent to see before around plaza catalonia.


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