Barcelona Photoblog: Sagrada Familia: Portal of Nativity

July 26, 2006

Sagrada Familia: Portal of Nativity

The Nativity Portal

After examining the opposite façade in detail in previous posts, I select this picture of the Nativity Portal taken from behind the gates late in the afternoon, once the place was not flooded with tourists.

PS: Next Tuesday I start my summer holidays (full August). I will post when I am back from Paris and Disney Land Paris around August 8th. I want you all to understand that this is just a break along the way and not a farewell. When I am back I will be travelling around Spain so I will be able to use my archives at least twice a week. The intention is not to give up and return with more energy in September. This is a fascinating hobby, as fascinating as time consuming but what the heck, as long as there is somehing to shoot at!.

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