Barcelona Photoblog: Barceloneta Memories

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Barceloneta Memories

I finally found the place. I had seen a similar photo published somewhere about this demolished building in La Barceloneta, a popular quarter in Barcelona and I wanted to take a couple of pictures myself to share them with you. As you see the façade appears to have been restored a little bit (notice the toilet seat has been secured with an iron support and the white wall is quite clean), maybe the sign you can see in the second picture belongs to the artist who decorated the place, I don't know. There is a chain-link fence surrounding the estate thus the shadow on the top left corner.


  1. Carlos, you are giving strange ideas for kids play a new radical sport: climb, piss and wash on the wall!

  2. wow! the "other shot" is as if an art exhibition. Love it!

    well, its good news that they're restoring it :)

  3. Yeah, the other shot is great. So is yours of course :)

    I've always said, the toilet is the one place I'm guaranteed to have peace and satisfaction.

  4. Espectácular, nem mais nem menos Carlos. E no tiene nada à ver con Gaudí!!?

    "One man's ceiling is another man's floor" Então, tenha cuidado!

    But congrats to a city for valuing the artistic in this & preserving it. Great for anyone caught short while out for a walk....
    Carlos, por que eu no vejo o meu comentário sobre tu hibiscus? Foi entrado, mas já não aparece! Tinha escrito que eu tambem capta sempre esta flor, que tenho uma moldura no meu quarto com 5 hibscus ampliadas, todas em cores diferentes. Adoro-as!

  5. Hi Carlos, I used to have doubts but until I see this photo, I'm 100% sure now, Barcelona is a very artistic city
    ;-) with some artistic photographers

  6. A work of art, indeed!!!

  7. Hahaha Nuno, what a great humorist. I have invented Toilet Climbing and not claiming for my rights on it.
    Thanks Kris, the other shot I like too. It was hard to choose.
    Thanks Edwin, the throne is magic place, hahaha.
    Thanks so much nowhereman. As to your Hibiscus comment, I don't have the slightest idea what might have happened. Maybe it coincided with me rediting the post. I had to correct some links but it took me 5 minutes more or less. I take note of it, glad you pointed that out.
    Lisi, that's for praising Barcelona artistic values.
    Thanks dawn on their behalf.

  8. exelente fotografia muy bella very very good

  9. estas ultimas muy buenas como siempre

  10. I would like to thank you for your blog!For me that I love Barcelona very much,your blog is like a connection for the days that I am not there.
    Everyone is taking a picture at the mirrors of Maremagnum!So it's ok.
    Here is my photo from Barcelona taken in March.

    Thank u very much again.

  11. Anonymous4:53 AM

    cool shot...i like the angle, it is a great piece of art:-))

  12. This was worth the search, Carlos. What an amazing image!


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