Tuesday, December 12

Barcelona Street Artists: Cleopatra in a Trance

Barcelona Street Artists: Cleopatra in a Trance
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You have seen her before on this site. This time I managed to come up closer to Cleopatra to take a good look at those bracelets, those rings and the pearl tiara with the lethal asp. Apparently she is still in a trance induced by the dreadful bite although she is quite aware of the noise of those coins falling in a can at her feet. As you can see she is sitting on a chair which is quite more comfortable than standing still like many of the human statues along Las Ramblas: wise girl indeed!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Didn`t you want a little to tickle her, only a little bit ? :)

7:05 PM  
Blogger Jas said...

Great shot, Carlos. Was it shot in manual? What was the aperture value? I love photos with clear focus on the object and blur background.

9:03 PM  
Anonymous jing said...

loot at her expression, it seems she is enjoying something...:)) the sounds of coins??
anyway, this kind of street artist is amazing for me.

shanghai daily photo

2:53 AM  
Blogger Carlos said...

-Ha that's funny. Maybe for some extra fee you could tickle her. Thanks mimmu
-Jas, thanks to your question I have just realized that I overlooked keeping the exif when I postprocessed the image with PS CS2. Lately I upload them to Flickr and I try to respect the exif info so it appears in the properties section. This time as it was late maybe I saved it as 16 bit tiff file first instead of 8 bit before converting it to jpeg thus losing the exif (long story I know). I will recover that for u from NEF file (RAW). For focus and blur in the background I must have used something under f/5 but besides that a custom vignette action has been applied with some extra blur on corners.

10:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The new Madrid daily photo has now started…
Come, and tell me u think…
Thank u all for the ‘unbelivable’ dailyphotoblog network…

2:18 PM  
Blogger Carlos said...

Hi Jas I got the exif info: Filename : DSC_0078.NEF
Main Information
Model : NIKON D70s
Software : Ver.1.00
DateTime : 2006:11:19 13:51:55
DateTimeOriginal : 2006:11:19 13:51:55
NewSubFileType : 1
Compression : OLDJPEG
XResolution : 300/1
YResolution : 300/1
ResolutionUnit : Inch
JPEGInterchangeFormat : 131072
JPEGInterchangeFormatLength : 700545
YCbCrPositioning : co-sited
NewSubFileType : 0
ImageWidth : 3040
ImageHeight : 2014
BitsPerSample : 12
Compression : Unknown (34713)
PhotometicInterpretation : CFA
StripOffset : 831860
Orientation : left-hand side
SamplesPerPixel : 1
RowsPerStrip : 2014
StripByteCounts : 4824576
XResolution : 300/1
YResolution : 300/1
PlanarConfiguration : chunky format
ResolutionUnit : Inch
CFARepeatPatternDim : 2,2
CFAPattern : 02010100
SensingMethod : OneChipColorArea sensor
Sub Information
ExposureTime : 1/50Sec
FNumber : F5,6
ExposureProgram : Aperture Priority
DateTimeOriginal : 2006:11:19 13:51:55
DateTimeDigitized : 2006:11:19 13:51:55
ExposureBiasValue : EV0,0
MaxApertureValue : F4,4
MeteringMode : Division
LightSource : Unidentified
Flash : Not fired
FocalLength : 62,00(mm)
UserComment :
ExposureMode : Auto
WhiteBalance : Auto
DigitalZoomRatio : 1/1
FocalLength(35mm) : 93(mm)
SceneCaptureType : Standard
GainControl : None
Contrast : Normal
Saturation : Normal
Sharpness : Normal
SubjectDistanceRange : Unknown

3:38 PM  
Anonymous pixibition said...

great candid shot...beautiful costume:-)

9:56 PM  
Blogger NATRIBU said...

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I invite you to take a look to it and if you like you could add a link to my blog in yours.
Thanks anyway.

1:45 PM  
Anonymous kris said...

the shininess in this makes me feel so near to her..another Great one, Carlos!

8:52 PM  

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