Barcelona Photoblog: Parc Guell: Serpentine Bench in the Afternoon


Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Parc Guell: Serpentine Bench in the Afternoon

Parc Guell: Serpentine Bench
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Parc Guell (it should be written Parc Güell in Catalan but I avoid using ü cause search engines seem to hate these "strange" foreign symbols), I digress, Parc Guell is a place to visit early in the morning or late in the afternoon when long shadows and golden rays of the sun magnify the complex geometry in Gaudi's architecture. Don't let unique surreal images you take only once in your lifetime be adorned by blown up skies or strong highlights on the numerous white tiles of the serpentine benches. I thought I had arrived late to the park that day, even the little museum inside was about to close but once at home and going over my photographs I was very pleased with the light and colors of the vanishing afternoon.


  1. Anonymous6:00 PM

    The sunset spread much more golden for our life...:)) so beautiful.
    and i noticed that construction on the what you post on Nov. 19th???Oh, i cant remember that name.
    Luv this kind of peaceful and cosy sunset photo very much.

    shanghai daily photo

  2. Desde las sombras miraste la luz, cálidos colores en el horizonte. Entrañable parke Güell.

    Saludos Carlos

  3. Love the dusky light and the photo brings back a lot of memories...

  4. Bon equilibri de llums i un color moolt bo. Com sempre, gràcies per ensenyar així casa nostra!!!


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