Barcelona Photoblog: Couple at the Beach in Barcelona

Friday, December 15, 2006

Couple at the Beach in Barcelona

Couple at the Beach in Barcelona
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Today I am in a bit of a hurry but of course I won't let you without your daily picture of Barcelona. This time I chose another romantic image in the same line of a very recent post: Love Me Tender. As you can appreciate the world could be falling appart and they would still be holding each other. I think they call it love, an ancient "illness" as old as humanity itself.


  1. all you need is love tararararaaa all you need is love tarararaaa...

  2. Anonymous11:08 AM

    What a lovely picture - fantastic.

  3. Anonymous1:05 PM

    wow...couple world!!!
    very fabulous shot!!

    have a nice weekend

  4. Anonymous8:27 PM

    If it's an illness - let me be sick;-)

  5. aahh, to be in love like these two... it warms the heart. What a sweet shot..


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