Barcelona Photoblog: A Dog's Day

Thursday, December 14, 2006

A Dog's Day

A Dog's Day
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As far as I am concerned I had no pictures of dogs. Recently I posted my first cat so I've got my classic animal pictures after so much time. Maybe I can even start an animal photoset at Flickr, who knows!. Last weekend, on our way to the Auto Retro exhibition in Fira de Barcelona and some steps ahead of me was this beautiful dog, a boxer or a bullboxer I guess (please correct me if I am wrong) walking unleashed near his owner. The light was so good that I started to chase him trying to find the right moment. I got his butt all the time in my viewfinder but suddenly he paused to wait for the master and here is the result. Then came the eternal question black and white or color. I settled for bw, using a tritone combination that looks more like sepia but maybe you prefer the original color version.


  1. Anonymous4:47 PM

    i like this one a little bit more.
    he is the focus though!!and i think if this photo could keep its tongue red...maybe better?? hahahaha...i only know to say, but dont know how to get it.
    anyway, very nice photo. and i totally support your animal photoset at Flickr.


  2. the dog is actually a bulldog (as seen here ->, not a boxer (as seen here -> bullboxers don't exist... yet. leave genetists time...

    the pic's very nice though, I like the bnw version better.


  3. I prefer the B&W....excellent choice for this whimsical capture. A photo of you repeatedly trying to catch the perfect shot would also be most amusing!

  4. Anonymous7:10 PM

    I think you did it perfectly in BW. It's a great shot! It's hard to get animals in just the right position. The shadows here are so nice. Lots of detail and texture.

  5. Anonymous8:17 PM

    haha great portrait of a dog and the colours are amazing actually which i prefer.

  6. Anonymous9:58 PM

    look like he's sleep walking :-P(his eye closed) great capture.

  7. Anonymous11:10 PM

    Me gusta mucho el perrillo. Es una imagen muy graciosa. Me encata la luz sobre el animal y el virado muy bueno.

    Un saludo

  8. Anonymous4:11 AM

    That dog is, as my mother would say, so ugly it's cute. I prefer the black and white, personally.

  9. Anonymous6:12 AM

    Dogs are a photographers best friend. I take photos of my pup when I have nothing else to photograph.

  10. I prefer this b/w version, very classic looking.

  11. Urindar: Thanks for your link and remark. I really don't know much about dogs as you can see. But I want my visitors to be well informed so thanks for the info. I got the data from this site:
    So I did not make it up :)
    I am glad that you appreciate my picture too so I thank you as well as all the visitors.
    I will not post daily this weekend so maybe I publish saturday and sunday today or on monday.
    I thank you all again ( I am still posting from the office. No dsl connection at home thus my hazardous posting, I hope you understand)

  12. This dog seems has two faces!
    front-face is sleepy,back-face has a bit silly.

  13. Anonymous8:50 PM

    this version definitely works for me, fantastic! further , I like it!

  14. Anonymous7:02 PM

    wow.. this one is really beautifull... very nice... bravo...


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