Barcelona Photoblog: Tapas: A Spanish Temptation

December 18, 2006

Tapas: A Spanish Temptation

Tapas: A Spanish Temptation
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This is a picture of a Spanish tapa called pincho or pintxo served in the Basque country in the north of Spain. There is a huge variety of them but they share a common feature they carry a toothpick that holds them to the slice of bread and that you are supposed to keep so they can count how many you eat. Pintxos are part of the big family of tapas that are known all over Spain especially in Andalusia but this way of serving them has rooted in many places of the country. In Barcelona there are lots of Basque restaurants preparing delicious combinations on that little piece of bread but they will never ever taste (this is common opinion I guess) as good as the ones you can have up North in San Sebastian, Bilbao, Vitoria, Trapagaran, Baiona, Mungia or Ulzama and Pamplona (these last two in Navarra). I am sure I am leaving someone out but it would be too long a list. I have another image to show you in coming days about pintxos. I would haven taken many pictures but I preferred to eat.

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