Barcelona Photoblog: Park Güell: Chocolate, Candy and Marzipan

December 24, 2006

Park Güell: Chocolate, Candy and Marzipan

White Roof House,Park Güell, Barcelona, Spain by Carlos Lorenzo

Remember Hansel and Gretel story where two kids find a house in the woods made of chocolate, candy and marzipan, well maybe you imagined something like this. I don't think Brothers Grimm were alive to see this masterpiece of Catalan modernisme so I guess Gaudi read a lot of fairy tales. 

One of the major works of Gaudí in Barcelona, Park Güell is a public park made of gardens and architectonic elements like this beautiful house with an incredible roof made using the trencadis technique, that consists in breaking tiles to compose a mosaic. As usual Gaudi went beyond many architects of his time and of generations to come. 
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