Saturday, November 24

Cocoa Butter Bath Soap: Are You a Hedonist or What?

Cocoa Butter Bath Soap: Are You a Real Hedonist or What? [enlarge]

If you are a real Hedonist (hey man, don't start calling me names) then you should try taking a bath with one of these cocoa butter soap cakes. Hmm, I imagine the scent of chocolate and the sudden urge to swallow the water or sip it with a straw pretending the foam was some kind of whip cream on top of a chocolate icecream.
I want to recommend some entertaining stuff now that we are talking about sense and sensibility. Watch this AppleTV Flash Mashup, you can take your laptop to the bathroom if you feel like it. By the way, before you ask, the sign says: Melt yourself down in a bath of pink clouds and hyper hydrating cocoa butter (damn, dude, you sure sound weird, are yu on something or what?)