Sunday, February 10, 2008

Blowing Up The Color Scale: The Seduction of Red Roses in Barcelona

Blowing Up The Color Scale: The Seduction of Red Roses in Las Ramblas, Barcelona[enlarge]

Oversaturating an image is a risky thing in photography but if not abused it can really draw your visitor's attention. I am trying to get deeper in my "theory" that bright, vivid photographs, especially on the thumbnail level are more probable to bring visitors to your blog. Of course not everything is valid here, if after you zoom in you get terribly disappointed. I accept that reds are too strong in these roses I captured at Rambla dels Flors although I tried not to get that sloppy. I guess there is a long way to master the right balance and I try my best since I am just an amateur in this stuff. I am having a lot of fun in the meantime.


  1. I personally think that they are beautiful, you've made them look rich and luscious. Your photo makes me want to touch them to see if they feel as silky as they look. I like what you've done.

  2. Adoro a cor vibrante, adoro rosas.
    Sempre que ofereço flores à minha mulher, costumam ser destas.
    Tulipas? Gostas? Então vem ver a primeira do ano ...

  3. Wonderful composition as well as color. The dark reflective surface adds to the quality of the picture.

  4. Muito bem conseguido, as cores são fortes e muito bonitas.


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