Barcelona Photoblog: Miramar Hotel at Montjuic Mountain, Barcelona

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Miramar Hotel at Montjuic Mountain, Barcelona

Miramar Hotel at Montjuic Mountain, Barcelona [enlarge]

Miramar-Barcelona Hotel in particular being on Montjuic mountain, on Miramar road to be more precise, is a little out of the way. It is not inaccesible, but it is a mountain after all. Of course you have the best views of Barcelona port, Maremagnum and some other areas of the city from up there. There is a beautiful park nearby and an important botanical garden devoted exclusively to cacti thanks to the special microclimate along the wall of the mountain. This is a luxury hotel designed by Oscar Tusquet. Miró Foundation Museum is very near and MNAC National Art Museum not so near as they suggest but you won't get a heart attack before you reach the place. Of course the 15 minutes walk to get to Las Ramblas is feasible although that means you have to descend towards the city. Hey, if you have money for luxury hotels don't complain about transportation anyways.

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