Barcelona Photoblog: Homeless in Barcelona, Spain

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Homeless in Barcelona, Spain

Homeless in Barcelona, Spain [enlarge]

Some months later, the same corner, the same guy, the same situation, the same precarity and poverty, no matter what government is ruling, no matter the price of the oil barrel, no matter how high or low Dow Jones index is, no matter who ranks first in the Forbes list, no matter how rich the Vatican is or how many skyscrapers are built in Dubai or how many jewelry stores are in New York's Diamond District or how well Chinese economy is.


  1. I agree with you. It's funny. When we lived in Las Vegas, a certain denomination opened a new temple, paying $18 million for the thing. It was paid for before they ever opened it. At any rate, I mentioned to one of my friends that I thought they might have served the community better by helping the homeless and helpless.

  2. I came across this page because we were recently in Barcelona where I had spine surgery, and I cannot get the images out of my head of the people I saw on the streets day after day in the same place.

    There were three who particularly touched me (brought me to tears). One was a nursing mother and her baby, another was an elderly woman, and the third was an amputee with hardly any clothes on. I feel disgusted with myself for not doing more than giving some Euros whenever we passed. These people are human beings who seem to have been thrown away by society. I have been praying about what I can do now that could have an impact on their lives long-term. I feel like I can't just forget about them.


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