Barcelona Photoblog: Colon Hotel in front of Barcelona Cathedral

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Colon Hotel in front of Barcelona Cathedral

Colon Hotel in front of Barcelona Cathedral [enlarge]

To finish this hotel series for now, I leave you with a view of Colon Hotel right in front of Barcelona Cathedral in Barri Gotic. I know the picture is no big deal but if you look it up on a Barcelona map you'll find out how well located this renown hotel is. With time Barcelona Photoblog pretends to be a little helpful guide to visitors so the more information the better. I have often wondered why so many travel guides offer those tiny pictures that may ruin your logical enthusiasm prior to the discovery of a new city. They are like a very small window, you want to look inside and capture as many details as possible, full of illusion as you are, and there's no way to stick your head inside to take a look around. So whenever possible I will try to show you some hotels, museums, etc that may not be of photographic interest but will surely let you lean on the window and take a glimpse at Barcelona.

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