Barcelona Photoblog: Flute Player in BW, Tres Tombs Parade, Barcelona

Friday, February 1, 2008

Flute Player in BW, Tres Tombs Parade, Barcelona

Flute Player in BW, Tres Tombs Parade, Barcelona [enlarge]

Black and white pictures are scarce in Barcelona Photoblog as many of you know. There are a few exceptions though. Take the case of this flute player, this flutist girl I captured during last Tres Tombs parade at Sant Andreu quarter. I loved the original image but sometimes I get so carried away by the light that I end up choosing the bw option. I know I am not good at black and white photography but you never know if you don't explore other fields. Not that there's anything special in the action or the subject but I do like the way she spots the camera as she walks and gives me this wary look.


  1. Muito bela... a foto e a tocadora de flauta!

  2. Hermosa imagen, inspira relajación… paz. Felicidades

  3. excelente foto, bom trabalho fotografico.

  4. A very beautiful photograph. Perfect DOF, interesting subject and great gleam on the flute.

    You can find good B&W work on some CDPBs. I particularly like Alejandro in Buenos Aries and iBlowfish in Cleveland (he has a few in color). I will have a B&W post tomorrow.

  5. Brilliant photo.

    Did you do post processing on it to add extra blur to the background?

  6. Thanks my friends.
    Thanks for the suggestions Strangetastes.
    Jordan, I did add extra blur. People were too close for me to get that strong blur with my lens but I definitely didn't want the background to deviate the visitor' eye so I added a blur effect.


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