Monday, February 11, 2008

Dr. House or Hugh Laurie in Papier Mache at Barcelona Store

Dr. House or Hugh Laurie in Papier Mache at Barcelona Store [enlarge]

Dr. Gregory House the main character in House M.D television series has been immortalized in this papier mache figure on sale at a popular store in Barcelona's Gothic quarter near Sant Jaume square. There was a previous post with celebrities like Keith Richards and Woody Allen and in the next two there will be more famous people. Hugh Laurie will have difficulties to get rid of Dr. House, something that has happened to too many actors for the good or for the bad. Will Dr. House obliterate a totally different character like this?: Hugh Laurie in "Black Adder".


  1. Yes, it's pretty sad that people cannot separate the character from the person. I said that one of the dangers Fred Thompson faced when he ran for president was that people thought of him as Arthur Branch from Law and Order.

  2. Caramba, tal e qual o homem!

  3. Megan6:22 PM

    My husband and I bought this while on vacation in Barcelona. We bought it not because we're Dr. House fans, but because my husband is the spitting image of Hugh Laurie. It's like a papier mache Mini Me of my husband! The women working in the store were shocked to see the resemblance - I think some of them thought it was Hugh.

  4. tania_rodriguez12:23 PM

    ooo! and were was this shop in Barcelona?))

  5. As many people like you Tania wonder where the shop is (they ask me via email too) I am going to leave a Google map link here:
    Papier Mache Figures Shop

    It is on Bisbe street next to Sant Jaume square.

  6. If you are interested to contact the artist, you can find all the collection in our website