Thursday, February 7, 2008

Pink Flowers Fantasy in Rambla dels Flors, Barcelona

Pink Flowers Fantasy in Rambla dels Flors, Barcelona [enlarge]

And as one is never enough here goes my second post on flower stalls along Rambla dels Flors. Another bouquet, this time a pink bouquet or is it magenta? Well who cares! The thing is it must be nice to see this on the front page along with the previous post. Call me weird but I sometimes like to combine pictures according to colors in my blog, I find it interesting. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. Have a nice day my friends.


  1. These make me think of really can't be too far away can it? I'm getting tired of snow and ice!

  2. Wow....what a delicious shade of color!

    BTW, I passed on the awards, and no one even thanked me! Sheesh! Oh well, at least I have good manners!

  3. I like this color even better. . . It's one of my favorite colors to wear. Mixing the two (yesterday and today) would be great. I was wondering if the flower stalls stayed open all year on Las Ramblas.


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