Barcelona Photoblog: Japanese Tourists in Canaletas: Wrong Directions?

July 07, 2008

Japanese Tourists in Canaletas: Wrong Directions?

Japanese Tourists in Canaletas, Las Ramblas, Barcelona: Wrong Directions? [enlarge]

Last winter these Japanese tourists seemed to be lost and were desperately checking a map. I hope they were not looking for Canaletas fountain, the illustrious symbol of Barcelona Football Club, the place where we go to celebrate special victories (hmm definitely not this year), only because they got it right behind. Pushing the bad joke way too far I would dare to say some Real Madrid fan gave them the wrong directions on purpose. No, no, forget about this cheesy gag and concentrate on the place, Las Ramblas de Barcelona, the beautiful promenade and its people always coming and going, people from all over the world, having the hell of a great time in the city, both repetitive visitors and newcomers alike.

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