Barcelona Photoblog: Barcelona Retirees and Pensioners

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Barcelona Retirees and Pensioners

Barcelona Retirees and Pensioners [enlarge]

Walking slowly they come usually in pairs, observing, judging, supervising, peeking through fences to keep daily control over construction sites in the city on their way to the elderly home or the park. They have their own weapons that they can point at you in a menacing way. Notice one of them hidden rather clumsily behind his back. They fear nothing and know about everything. They've got plenty of time. As part of their code of honor they can wear whatever they want to. Fashion is for the weak. Tough guys indeed with the experience of a lifetime. They are the retirees! Do you remember the post "Home Bad Home" published a couple of days ago. They were the ones and this was the fence. Check it. All my due respect to pensioners in Barcelona and the world.  

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