Barcelona Photoblog: Flag Waving Free

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Flag Waving Free

Catalonia's Flag Waving in the Wind[enlarge]

Arguments, disputes, quarrels and battles apart, I am going to concentrate on the abstract beauty of a flag waving in the wind, freely, against the sky. I can almost feel the battering of the cloth now and hear the murmur of a thousand causes and hundreds of deaths in the name of a land and those who on her, dwell. This is La Senyera, the flag of Catalonia. 


  1. Nicole said: This is a great photo. It looks like the flag is a beautiful skirt. You should post your pics on this new travel site I found, Check it out.

    Thanks so much Nicole.

  2. Que maca és la senyera...

  3. What a wonderful picture, this flag spreading out like a flamenco dancer's dress!

    The flag of Provence is very similar to the flag of Catalonia.

    Like you I find it difficult to relate to wars, arguments and disputes in the name of a flag...

  4. Moltes gràcies Sinfo

    I am glad to hear Provence's is similar. Maybe it has to do with the histories of our countries. Who knows. Wars suck and to die for a "cause" has killed far too many.
    Many wouldn't like to compare our flag with flamenco clothes but as a Catalan friend commented on this photo on Flickr in a humorous way, this must be due to the fact that our president Montilla is not Catalan born and even the flag looks different. This topic could generate thousands of arguments and tons of debates that could end up in battles and there we would go again ;)

  5. Now that is one gorgeous flag!

    Isn't it strange how some pieces of fabric have the capacity to inspire pride, anger, passion, imprisonment, songs, joy, war, death? (My husband hates it when I talk this way about The Flag, but realistically, I think I make a lot of sense when I say: it's just a piece of cloth!)
    That is, until someone like you takes a photo this beautiful and "there we would go again"!


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