Barcelona Photoblog: Avenida Palace Hotel, Gran Via, Barcelona


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Avenida Palace Hotel, Gran Via, Barcelona

Avenida Plaza Hotel, Gran Via, Barcelona [enlarge]

I won't make the usual commercial about the hotel. Maybe you'd like to know just the address and find some info at their site: Avenida Palace Hotel.


  1. Hi, Carlos. I wanted to check in and see if you made it home okay since Hurricane Fay is in Florida this week. I hope you enjoyed your visit to the States and wish we could have met!

  2. Hello Chris, I have just arrived from the States. I did have a great time. I am exhausted. Finally we arrived sound and safe this morning. Fay was just a tropical storm that was near Naples when we left. We had heavy rains and some gusty winds but nothing to worry about. Fortunately Miami International Airport was opened and planes were on schedule. I will check your site and see how you did.


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